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Welcome to the WORKman Blog.  Here you will find comments about the culture and implementation of FSA/EAM/CMMS systems based on our experiences. Feel free to submit a comment and to subscribe via RSS to the blog posts.

Why 'average' is just another word for 'mediocre'

There are many words that can be considered as synonyms for commonly used terms, and most of the time their interchangability is not a problem. However, when we ask clients to comment on the performance of their maintenance department, the reply is often, "We're about average".

Without realising it, the client has just admitted that they are happy with a mediocre performance, and here is why.
Posted by Mark Chimes

It's all about people

Do you have a defined PM or PdM process in place? Not working out like you thought?

Procedures have no intrinsic intelligence of their own, and processes rarely fail; but people do. Regardless of how accurate your docmentation is, how precise your monitoring systems are, how flexible your scheduling is; the usual cause for a system failure can be found in your people; and it's NOT their fault.
Posted by Mark Chimes

One smart Italian

Last week we mentioned the contribution Vilfredo Pareto made to economics, and indeed, to the world in general. It turns out that he was not a one hit wonder. No, he had a second hit. (Maybe there are more but we didn't bother looking). Very soon after the Pareto Principle, young Vilfredo came up with his Pareto Efficiency. What's that you say? We're glad you asked!
Posted by Mark Chimes

When "Best Practices" is not the best

Every workman likes to do a good job. If he doesn't I hope he's not working for you! Jokes aside, there has been a big push to incorporate best practices into every aspect of our working day. It seems that corporate business is well on the way to demanding best practice in every department and section, with small business feeling pressured to follow just to stay competitive.

I would like to suggest that doing so is not only counter-productive, but impossible.
Posted by Mark Chimes

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