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Since our inception in 1988, Veracity Systems has substantially evolved from its humble beginnings as one man's effort to bring quality and accuracy to business computing, to a quiet power-house of database development that has seen few equals. At Veracity Systems, we are fascinated by technology, devoted to perfection and obsessed with quality. Our seasoned developers delight in crafting exceptional solutions for our customers.

In today's competitive landscape, it is essential for forward-thinking businesses to unearth new ideas commensurate with the rapidly developing sophistication of their customers. We live in a vast world of new media, new technologies and new demands that can only be conquered by deep insight and superior strategies. Our job is to provide not only a lasting impression, but an enduring advantage over your competitors.

Through skilful application of many years of experience blended with state-of-the-art methodologies, our team is able to deliver exciting solutions that are as robust as they are flexible. In similar respect, we recognise that our ability to design and craft our processes with ever-evolving client requirements is one of our greatest fundamental assets.

Key People

Mark Chimes - Chief Architect

Mark is the chief architect of most of our software systems and has a wealth of experience in an almost endless list of disciplines. Introduced to computers in the early 80's, Mark has seen huge changes in computing but says the problems are still the same - producing reliable, robust applications that are flexible and intuitive.

Mark has 30 years experience in systems analysis, application design, database design, UI development, bug testing, integration and commissioning of small to large software applications. Mark has been directly involved in dozens of software projects including applications for Government departments, local councils, Fire and Safety, schools, and of course, small, medium and large businesses .

Having studied for a Masters in Software Development at the University of Southern Queensland, Mark also holds a Certificate IV in Horticulture, a Certificate IV in Small Business Administration, a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training and can be found teaching the occasional course at the TAFE College. As a published author, Mark has contributed numerous articles and white papers to industry magazines and blog sites. His own blog can be found here.

Though he uses whatever tool is best suited to a particular project, Mark has produced remarkable custom solutions using Microsoft™ .NET™ technologies.

Suzanne Chimes - Administrator

Though initially trained as a nurse, Sue never dreamed that she would one day be in charge of the daily operations of a company that, at times, has employed 15 engineers, technicians, programmers,designers and support staff.

Apart from keeping track of where everyone is, Sue keeps things running smoothly by ensuring accounting, purchasing, and jobs are all controlled in a timely manner.

Bronwyn Anderson - Senior Solutions Engineer

Bronwyn grew up surrounded by computers, and learnt about business from her father. Bronwyn attained her first degree in Commerce, majoring in Accounting. She then followed with a Bachelor of Business, with double majors in Information Technology and Software Development.

Bronwyn held the position of Proctor at the University of Southern Queensland in the Faculty of Business. She has extended her training in leading edge Web and .NET  methodologies, including global VoIP and financial systems.  Bronwyn comes to us after more than 6 years heading up the web development department of one of Australia's leading financial institutions.

Bronwyn is an avid VW enthusiast - is there another kind?

Mark Anderson - Web Designer and SEO Specialist

Mark comes to us with over 6 years of University studies under his belt, a grip on mathematics and science that leaves the rest of us breathless, and a passion for wringing every last drop of benefit out of SEO keywords. His designer's eye sees detail that is lost on mere humans and his knowledge of current web trends provides us with the ability to design web solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Mark is a keen gardener and likes to dabble with home brew, or anything else that combines his love for science and his desire to experience everything the natural world has to offer.

Michael Pinwill - Technology Developer

Michael is a trained surveyor who spent much of his early years in that industry developing software applications for his peers. Michael's solid grounding in application methodologies makes him ideal to handle our technology issues. A gargantuan grasp of the Microsoft™ .NET™ framework and a perfectionist eye for proper architecture are just two of the weapons Michael brings to our development sessions.

Michael's young family, and his wife Kathryn, keep him sane when he is not chin-deep in logic flows or n-tier interfaces.

Damien Chimes - Network Engineer

Born with a keyboard in one hand and a screw driver in the other, Damien built and repaired computers from 8 years old. He ranked in the top ten at the World Skills IT Australian final at 16. At the age of 17 he started his own IT services company.

Having spent some years working for the big end of town, Damien has enjoyed stints with national and international companies where he collected an impressive array of server management skills and methodologies. High-level virtualisation and network topology design is his specialty, with experience in WAN optimisation and VoIP integration. He has pulled more kilometres of data cable than he cares to remember and has provided some of Melbourne's finest homes with state-of-the-art audio and video automation.

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