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Welcome to the WORKman Blog.  Here you will find comments about the culture and implementation of FSA/EAM/CMMS systems based on our experiences. Feel free to submit a comment and to subscribe via RSS to the blog posts.

Warranty Return Rates - Are you up to the challenge?

The WRR is definitely one of the elephants in the metric toolbox.  The Warranty Return Rate (WRR) metric is often viewed as demanding much and delivering little. It is certainly not the first metric you should consider introducing to your service organisation; it's not even the second, but once you have the basics in place and you are convinced of the benefits a good CMMS system provides, give the lofty WRR a chance to provide a high-level view of future potential problems coming your way.
Posted by Mark Chimes

Work smarter, not harder

This is a well-known saying; one we immediately agree with as being well within our capability, and one we immediately ignore for the very same reason. Here is a little story that may help you think differently about how you go about completing your repair jobs.
Posted by Mark Chimes

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