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Welcome to the WORKman Blog.  Here you will find comments about the culture and implementation of FSA/EAM/CMMS systems based on our experiences. Feel free to submit a comment and to subscribe via RSS to the blog posts.

Job Scheduling Best Practice

In a previous post I discussed why implementing "best practice" in every aspect of your organisation is not possible. Today I want to throw some light on developments that will allow you to get closer to that elusive goal.
Posted by Mark Chimes

When statistics don't lie

Everyone has heard the pithy saying, "Lies, damn lies, and statistics", and I for one tend to take any reference to a statistic with a grain of salt.

There are some stats, however, that you may want to consider important.

Posted by Mark Chimes

Data migration - the hidden cost

Obtaining an accurate cost of a EAM/CMMS package is relatively easy. Ascertaining the cost of implementation is often not that difficult either. Want a real challenge? Try and discover the cost to migrate the data from your existing system to the new package.

Why is this such an issue for CMMS vendors?

Posted by Mark Chimes

An interesting discovery

We have a client who made an interesting discovery to other day. Actually 'shock' is probably a more accurate term because it was not a discovery like finding gold hidden under your bed. No, this was more like finding a savage dog that was hungry.

But let me start at the beginning.

Posted by Mark Chimes

Tracking First Time Fix ratios

First Time Fix (FTF) ratio or First Time Fix Rate (FTFR) is a great metric to indicate your customer service levels. The higher the figure, the more likely your customers are happy with your services. A FTF figure higher than 85% is both an indication that you are providing excellent customer service and a remarkably difficult figure to reach.
Posted by Mark Chimes

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