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Do you have a defined PM or PdM process in place? Not working out like you thought?

Procedures have no intrinsic intelligence of their own, and processes rarely fail; but people do. Regardless of how accurate your documentation is, how precise your monitoring systems are, how flexible your scheduling is; the usual cause for a failure can be found in your people; and it's NOT their fault.

Processes and procedures are implemented by people. Your people. Train them properly, communicate with them effectively, accept their feedback honestly, treat them like equals, and you will find your system failures reduce dramatically.

People are the heart and soul of your operation. If you want to make changes make sure you consider your people first. Processes, procedures and systems come a distant second. No system, no matter how smart, automated and proven it is, will succeed if your people are not on-board with the goals you need to meet.

I read a great story recently about a maintenance operation in deep trouble and facing almost insurmountable pressure. There were plenty of new processes and procedures. There were some new systems too. But the real improvements came from people. The turn-around was so dramatic that the business is looking at acquiring competitors because it gained a real advantage.  Read how a "lost cause" became a shining success here.

Posted by Mark Chimes
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