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A serious computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for fix & repair, workshop and field service industries.

Based on over 30 years of experience, we realise that technology alone is not enough to minimize costs or maximize profits. That is why WORKman® is a serious contender in the EAM/CMMS marketplace. It handles both project and work order tracking, parts management, technician scheduling and timesheets, stock control, asset and operational management, customer satisfaction levels, site procedures, SOPs, MSDS... the list goes on. Check out this heavy-weight solution for serious service industry support.

The WORKman® motto, "You can only change what you control and you can only control what you can measure", previews our mindset when we developed this extraordinarily comprehensive application. WORKman® allows you to monitor both direct data and the relationships between that data to provide a comprehensive management tool that supports you with your daily operational commitments.

WORKman® provides serious support for your service activities and mobile workforce. It provides up-to-date information for people who are serious about running their service business efficiently. Easy-to-use interfaces, detailed and summary reports and statistics, integrated support features and mobile workforce support that enables you to provide superior services to your customers.

Integrated technician's scheduling diary,  status flags, and job escalation makes it easy for your technicians and engineers to keep track of their tasks. Automatic email notification of job status enable your customers to be kept up to date without extra workload for your employees and cross-referencing of all documents means technicians always have the correct procedures and manuals available at all times.

Cyclic and PM work orders may be produced based on any time period or event cycle. Status reports, parts tracking and audits, and the ability to perform work for one party and bill another, provide your admin staff with great tools to keep on top of things.

Key Benefits:

  • Know the status of every job - past, present and future.
  • Ensure all work is charged correctly.
  • Support for simple and complex charging formulae.
  • Track parts and orders, deliveries and returns, vehicle usage and damage.
  • Automatic, multiple asset trees.
  • Jobs requiring multiple interventions or varied skill sets are fully tracked and managed to ensure proper completion.
  • Identify which employees are efficient (and which ones are not).
  • Track every contact with every customer, along with their equipment and jobs.
  • Track your stock items, parts and components along with comprehensive purchase orders, authorisation levels, Return Approvals, Serialised Inventory, MSDS and NOHSC support.
  • Every document,form, manual, memo, etc is stored and available to both internal and field workers.
  • Document management that allows you to link a single document for multiple uses, with the contents available to remote workers as well as office staff.
  • Identify your best customers, worst assets, and frequent jobs.
  • Know what equipment needs to be worked on next and the cost of the next scheduled maintenance program.
  • Always use the right procedures under every circumstance.
  • Notifications and alerts when out-of-compliance events occur.
  • Performance metrics like FTF (First Time Fix), and WRR (Warranty Return Rates).
  • Costs by Location, Asset Type, Job Type and more...
  • Report on every aspect of your daily operations.
  • Tag assets and customers with Longitude/Latitude data.
  • Review a history of all activity and contacts for customers,  assets and employees.
  • Incidents, Accidents and First Aid issues are easily recorded, managed and archived.
  • Accounting module - integrates with Xero, Arrow and any accounting system that accepts CSV data.
  • Conform to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance (QA) standards with WORKman®'s procedures and flowcharts.

WORKman® Standard

  • Record quotes against customers
  • Record multiple tasks against a job or project
  • Convert phone calls to either a quote or a job
  • Convert a quote to a job or project
  • Raise invoice against a job or task.

Active WORKman®

Active WORKman®  combines our flagship product with the leading-edge technology of Active Ink. Active Ink is an exciting (and easy) way to keep your mobile staff up-to-date with customer, equipment, jobs and parts information. Specifically designed for use with tablet PCs, Active Ink's handwriting recognition will surprise you. Even the most difficult handwriting can be converted to standard text. The field technician completes the form and returns it back to base (via a single mouse click) and our WORKbench application processes the data in the form and updates the WORKman® database.

WORKman® Enterprise

Already in use by international companies and multi-national giants, WORKman® is effective in all sized organisations.  In addition to the Standard version WORKman® Enterprise also delivers the following increased functionality:
  • Ensure equipment compliance.
  • Manage employee licenses and certifications.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Training modules.
  • Warns when operational parameters are exceeded
  • Warns when WH&S parameters are exceeded
  • Raise Contract Management reports with a single mouse click.
  • Data-drive job completion by using individual asset components 
If you have serious maintenance, repair, warranty, asset or mobile workforce processes, then WORKman® Enterprise will ensure you conform to industry best practices.

Vendor module and Custom additions

Add forms, procedures and reports for your selected vendors to enable you to comply with vendor warranty procedures. Your custom processes and procedures can be integrated into WORKman's work flow so nothing is missed.

Capable, comprehensive, consistent and complete; WORKman® gets the job done.

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Work order control and process management package that includes CRM, equipment, job and vehicle maintenance repair tracking. Allows multiple job numbers and the management of warranty work.


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